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We are a team of designers, health care professionals, and non-profit workers who envision a Rhode Island where people who use drugs are supported in their path to improved health and safety. Our goal is to engage critically with those in the challenge space to create and improve environments of care for people who use opioids that extends beyond what is currently available in RI.


The scope of this design and research project will include 10 - 15 interviews with key constituents in the overdose and recovery space. This will include but not be limited to people with lived opioid use experience, physicians, clinicians and nurses, recovery experts, community leaders, and public health experts.


The objective of this research is to better understand existing care practices (team composition, therapies, and the physical space). It seeks two perspectives: the lived experience of professionals who provide care to people who use opioids; and the lived experience of people who use opioids and receive such care.

This is an exploratory research effort, intended to form the basis of a more complete design proposal for the design of future care spaces, services & their delivery, and care teams.

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